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Katherine Podenski

Podenski, Katherine

8th Grade Social Studies Teacher


Puopolo, Lex

School Social Worker


Lex works half-time at Jane Addams Middle School and half-time at Nathan Hale High School.

G Rasp

Rasp, Neil

(he/him) Math Teacher - Math 8/Geometry

Shannon Ratner

Ratner, Shannon

(she/her) Shannon Ratner, Registrar


I am the JAMS Registrar. I work with the Admin and Counselors to build the Master Schedule for the school. I process all class changes and schedule requests. I also maintain student records.

Megan Riber

Riber, Megan

(she/her) Admin Secretary




Rigby, Cathy

Math Teacher

Thomas Roen

Roen, Thomas



Ross, Katie

(she/her) Special Education Assistant

Emma Sanders

Sanders, Emma

(she/her) Physical/Health Education Teacher


Scally, Yasmina

Counselor & 504 Building Coordinator (she/her) - (6th grade last name M-Z & 7th grade)

Emily Schaefer

Schaefer, Emily

(she/her) Teacher-Orchestra




Ann Schlossman

Schlossman, Ann

Special Education Instructional Assistant/ Advisory She/Her


Schwank, Lisa

School Nurse

William Segall

Segall, William

(he/him) Teacher - 7th grade World History & WA State



In W.H Auden’s words, “simply put, history is the study of questions.” However, the effective use of the Socratic approach requires craft, creativity and ingenuity to create a classroom structures where students own their own education and pursue inquiry-based learning. I strive to inspire students to develop an understanding of the complexities of a historical situation and to debate the issues surrounding an event.

In my 26 years of teaching world history, geography and international literature, I have taught in South Africa, India, Iraq, Chicago, and Seattle since 2001. Over the years, I have moved away from textbooks as the major resource for learning. I now include primary documents, classics books, and post-colonial theorists whose ideas can be debated to stimulate student involvement and create a dynamic classroom.

I have tried to make my classroom as a place that builds energy and enthusiasm. Scanning the room, you would see colorful maps and carpets of the Middle East adorning the walls, Islamic, Jewish and Christian prayer hats and beads, laminated currency from Jordan, Syria, Iraq, and pictures and essays of student work. During the first week of school, students remove their shoes at the door, and we sit on my Kurdish carpets, drink tea and eat flat bread. I share with them lessons in Mediterranean hospitality as I relate stories of Bedouin life in Jordan and of Syriac Orthodox monasteries near Mt. Ararat. My passion for teaching about this region of the world is to help my students gain an accurate picture of the diversity of the Middle East and challenge student’s misconceptions of this rich history.

In my teaching tenure, my desire to learn about the “other” has led me to more than 60 countries. To be an effective social studies teacher, I believe in the use of an interdisciplinary approach that combines History, English and Religion. I believe that a teacher who is both passionate and knowledgeable about the ideas and concept can best guide students to become better writers, thinkers and ultimately more concerned citizens. This is what I bring to the classroom!

Will complete my Ed.D course work at Seattle Pacific University’s graduate school during the summer of 2020– allowing me to enrich my story-telling ability and enhance my skills as an educator.

Stephanie Shapiro

Shapiro, Stephanie

(She/Her) Teacher - 7th Grade English Language Arts/ELA


Sharp, Amanda

Speech Language Pathologist

Erik Siehl

Siehl, Erik

Bilingual Services Teacher


Personal Message

Hello! My name is Erik Siehl. I have taught English to bilingual students since 2003, and I have worked at Jane Addams since 2016.

I have taught at the middle school, high school, and university levels. When I'm not teaching, I enjoy reading, cycling, climbing, and skiing.

Have a great year, everyone! Please contact me if there's anything I can do to help.

Singh, Davinder


Ludivina Stern
Ross Taylor

Taylor, Ross

(he/him) Teacher - 6th and 7th Grade Science