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Jane Addams
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Student Records and Private School Applications

Student Records and Private School Applications

Current Students – Academic Records

Current families may request an unofficial Middle School Academic History.

To request an unofficial Academic History, email the Registrar sbfitzwaterr@seattleschools.org

If you need an Academic History for a Private School application, please follow the Private School Application process.

School Requesting Records

Seattle Public Schools is now using a web-based application to help us manage all student records requests from other schools for transferring students.

Requests received via fax, phone calls, emails and mail from other schools will no longer be accepted.

All transferring student records requests must be submitted online using the K-12 Transfer application.This application is a secure, self-service application that is easy to use:

  • Site Access.  Go to Scribbles K-12 Records Transfer 
  • Sign in to an existing account OR Create Account.  If you do not already have a K-12 Transfer account, one will need to be created.
    • A school email address must be used to set up the account; personal email addresses will not be accepted.
    • Once an account has been created, the credentials for the account will be verified. This process takes approximately 24 hours.
    • An account only needs to be verified once.
    • A “Your registration has been verified” email notification will be sent when the account has been completed.
  • Submit Request. Login to the K-12 Transfer application and submit the request for records.
  • Processing Time.  Seattle Public Schools processes request electronically within 3-5 school days.
  • Download the Records.  When the “processing complete” email is received, you will need to login to the K-12 Transfer application to download the student records you requested.

For more information about the student records that we provide, please see the Transferring Student Records Request page.

Please contact support@scribsoft.com if you have any issues setting up your account or submitting a record request.

Private School Applications

To ensure our timely response, application requests must be turned into us by Friday, December 8th. We cannot guarantee that requests will be completed if your request is submitted after our deadline. It will be at the teacher’s discretion if they have time available. 

  • Electronic Applications (examples: Ravenna / Gateway to Prep Schools / Veracross) – For private schools that use an online application system, please have the records request sent to the Registrar sbfitzwaterr@seattleschools.org.
  • Paper (offline) Applications – For private schools that use paper applications you have two different options:
    • Option 1: Email the filled out and saved PDF of the paper application to the Registrar sbfitzwaterr@seattleschools.org.
    • Option 2: Please drop off a signed application form along with a private school addressed envelope with two (2) stamps to Main Office by Friday, December 8th We will need a prepared envelope for each school if there are multiple schools.
  • PSIS Administrator Forms should be sent to the Registrar sbfitzwaterr@seattleschools.org. The Registrar’s Office works with the grade-level counselor and Admin to make sure all forms are completed.

What will be included in School Records

  • Progress Report (1st Quarter – this year)
  • Middle School Academic History (previous years semester grades)
  • Standardized testing (SBA)
  • Attendance Report (this year)
  • Incident Report (if any)

Teacher Recommendations

Your request(s) for a teacher recommendation should be addressed to the teacher from whom you require a recommendation.

Please provide a standard business sized envelope (addressed to the applicant school with adequate postage to cover at least two ounces.) This is required for each school you are applying.   It is also courteous to ask the teachers in advance (via e-mail) if they would be willing to fill out the forms, before dropping the forms off in their mailbox at the school.

Please submit requests early. The teachers and staff will process recommendations as time permits during their normal work schedule.

The Main Office does not coordinate Teacher Recommendations.  It is the student’s responsibility to work with teachers for the recommendations.

If you have any more questions, please contact the Registrar. sbfitzwaterr@seattleschools.org