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Jane Addams Middle School

Principal Paula Montgomery
Principal Paula Montgomery

Jane Addams Middle School (JAMS) opened as a comprehensive neighborhood middle school in September, 2014. The school launched with a dedicated and highly skilled team of educators who are excited about the opportunity to be a part of the Jane Addams community.

School Mission and Vision

Mission: JAMS is a community-centered, collaborative team, actively engaging students, families, and staff in a middle school experience dedicated to academic, social, and emotional growth for all.

Vision: Everyone achieving, everyone accountable, everyone growing and learning–all the time.

We are committed to:

  • Academic and social-emotional growth for all students.
  • Data-based decision making.
  • A dedicated and highly skilled staff that wants to be part of Jane Addams Middle School.
  • Avenues for student initiative, contribution, and leadership.
  • Creating and maintaining a safe, secure, inclusive and nurturing environment for all.
  • Continuous engagement with the entire community.
  • Dynamic structures and processes to meet the ever-changing needs of our community.

Our History

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Opened in 1949 as part of the Shoreline School District, Jane Addams Junior High was annexed into Seattle Public Schools in 1954. The building was originally designed to serve as a community center for the north end as well as a school, so a fully professional stage was included in the auditorium.

The superiority of the auditorium was demonstrated when the University of Washington signed a lease agreement to use it after Meany auditorium on campus was demolished after earthquake damage in 1965.

Jane Addams became a middle school in 1979, when 9th grade students were moved across the street to Nathan Hale. The building closed as a middle school in 1983 and was leased to various tenants. In 1985, the Summit K-12 alternative school moved to the building. Most recently the Jane Addams K-8 program (now named Hazel Wolf K-8) resided in the building. That program has now moved to their new home on the Pinehurst School site.

In September, 2014, Jane Addams Middle School (JAMS) opened as a comprehensive neighborhood middle school, the first new secondary school in the district in 40 years. Opening the school added capacity for 960 additional middle school students.