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What if my student is late or absent?
If a student misses school or is late due to an excused absence, a parent/guardian needs to call or email the Jane Addams Attendance office. Call 206-252-4504 or email

Student Health & Safety Guidelines

  • If your student shows any cold or flu-like symptoms in the morning, please keep them home from school.
  • If your student begins to show any symptoms at school they will be cared for in our Protected Health & Safety Room and we will call you to come pick them up.
  • If your student has fever or chills, muscle or body aches, difficulty breathing, new loss of taste or smell or a cough, they will need to get a COVID test and symptoms must resolve before returning to school.
  • If your student has only one of the following symptoms they will need to stay home and can return to school if the symptom resolves in 24 hours: headache, sore throat, nausea or vomiting, fatigue, diarrhea, congestion, or runny nose. If the student has more than one of these symptoms, they will need a negative COVID test and symptoms must resolve before returning to school.

There are many free testing sites around the city offered by the University of Washington. There is also a testing center at the Northgate Community Center.

We are able to offer a PCR test here at Jane Addams as well, although the turnaround time can depend on time of day and day of week test is administered. Contact Julie Bradley to learn more about COVID testing at JAMS and send any COVID test.

How do I/my student access schedules, attendance and grades? What’s the deal with the new websites?
Student grades, schedules, assessments and attendance are accessed via The Source , Seattle Public School’s online communication tool.  More information on The Source.

Information from teachers about assignments, coursework, and homework can now be found on Schoology, our Learning Management System. More information on Schoology.