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Lisa Keuss

Keuss, Lisa

Teacher - 6th/7th Grade Social Studies

Kim, Sharon

(She/Her) Math Teacher- Math 8/Algebra 1

Hello! I am one of the math teachers here at Jane Addams. Besides exploring the art of doing mathematics together, I also enjoy taking dance classes and venturing to different cafes and boba shops. I look forward to meeting you and embracing this journey of growth, challenges, and laughter alongside you and this community!

Matthew Kirshman

Kirshman, Matthew

(he/him) Teacher-Middle School


8th grade English Language Arts.

,Personal Message

I foster high level thinking through students' stories, strengths, & needs.

Hong Le

Le, Hong

Teacher - Spanish (she/her)

Lieberman, Carla

(she/her) Teacher - Special Education

Lowry, Craig

Instructional Assistant
Zachary Martin

Martin, Zachary

(He/Him) Math Teacher- 7th Grade/Algebra
Michael Merrifield

Merrifield, Michael

(He/Him) Math Teacher - Math 7/8 and Algebra I
Sanjay Mishra

Mishra, Sanjay

(he/him)Assistant Secretary/Fiscal

Molina, Elvira

Special Education Assistant

Paula Montgomery

Montgomery, Paula

(she/her) Principal (6th grade admin.)
Daniel O'Neal

O’Neal, Daniel

(he/him) Instructional Assistant
Austin Ochoa

Ochoa, Austin

Math 7 Teacher

Okubo, Alexandra

Teacher- Special Education

Overstreet, Caroline

7th Grade History

Park, Samantha

Science Teacher
Katherine Podenski

Podenski, Katherine

6th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Puopolo, Lex

School Social Worker

Lex works half-time at Jane Addams Middle School and half-time at Nathan Hale High School.

G Rasp

Rasp, Neil

(he/him) Math Teacher - Math 8/Geometry
Shannon Ratner

Ratner, Shannon

(she/her) Shannon Ratner, Registrar

I am the JAMS Registrar. I work with the Admin and Counselors to build the Master Schedule for the school. I process all class changes and schedule requests. I also maintain student records.