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Student Handbook

Jane Addams Student Handbook

The full student handbook will be available on grade level “Program Support” Schoology pages.

Technology Use Policy- “Away for the Day”

We live in a world where technology is everywhere, affecting your daily life as a student but also impacting the choices you make for the future. At the same time, it is well known that technology can be overwhelming. At JAMS, we want everybody to work together in a way that acknowledges how much we want and need personal technology, while also not letting technology drive us away from each other.  

With your health and social well-being in mind, Jane Addams has adopted an “Away for the Day” policy with regards to personal devices.  

  • Phones, music players, air pods, and other personal devices should not be used during school hours. 
  • In the hallways, school entryways, and outdoors on school grounds students will sometimes need technology to check the time, check a message, or do some other quick task. Do that, but otherwise keep your technology (again, including earbuds and headphones) put away. 

Laptop Use

Laptops should only be used for educational purposes, while always following individual teacher expectations. If laptop use is part of an educator’s daily routine the following expectations apply:  

  • When an educator says laptops at 45, students will close their laptops to 45 degrees and look up at their educator 
  • Laptops may only be used for educational purposes including websites and software directed by your educator 
  • Music and videos may only be accessed if part of the lesson  

Dress Code

All students must wear

  • Clothing that fully covers genitals, buttocks, and nipples  
  • Footwear: shoes or sandals 
  • Clothing that is required for success in certain classes as described in those class syllabi 

Students may not wear

  • Violent language or images, or depictions of weapons; 
  • Language or images showing drugs (legal or illegal), alcohol, or any illegal activity; 
  • Hate speech, profanity, pornography 
  • Language or images that create a hostile or intimidating environment based on any class or consistently marginalized group; 
  • Clothing that reveals undergarments (visible waistbands and visible straps are allowed); 
  • Swimwear (unless as part of a class or athletics); 
  • Bandanas; 
  • Any item that covers the face (except as religious observance or for medical reasons). 
  • Use hoods or other head coverings to conceal earbuds or headphones. 

Locker Access

Students may only access lockers before and after school, and before and after lunch. Any locker problems should be reported to the custodian. Students are charged $10.00 for lost locks and a new lock will not be issued until the $10.00 fine is paid in full. Students are reminded that lockers are considered school property and may be opened by school authorities at any time.