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School Year Dates

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School Meal Fee Assistance

school supplies

22-23 Supply List

All students should have:  Backpack Headphones/earbuds  Pencils/erasers Pens (black or blue) Pencil Pouch Small BinderDividers Composition books (2 lined and 2 graphing)  Other supplies your student may want:  Colored pencils Glue sticks Markers Pencil SharpenerHighlighterRuler  Specific classes may ask for students to have additional supplies.  We will have school supplies available in the main office…

8th Grade – Summer Reading

In order to prepare for science in 8th grade, Ms. Colloton and Ms. Van More are offering an optional (extra credit) summer reading assignment for rising 8th graders. Especially if you are considering honors 8th grade science, this would be a good place to start, although everyone is welcome and…