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    What should I do if my student is late or absent?

    Call or email the Attendance Specialist at Jane Addams Middle School the morning of each absence or tardy. Be sure to include student name, parent name, date, and reason for absence or tardy. A student that has been absent may also bring a signed note from home with the information requested as soon as they return to school from their absence. Please have them see the Attendance Specialist when they arrive to school.

    Ellen Patt – Attendance Specialist
    JAMS Attendance Inbox

    Absences and tardies are NOT EXCUSED for…

    • student oversleeping
    • parent/guardian oversleeping
    • alarm clock malfunction
    • car problems
    • missed the bus
    • Metro bus was late
    • bad traffic

    Absences and tardies are EXCUSED only for…

    • student's illness or injury, or medical appointment
    • the illness, injury, or death of a family member
    • planned vacation that is pre-approved by the school
    • late school bus

    Family Trip Planning

    Seattle Public Schools wants to ensure that absences like this are planned ahead and excused. The feeling is that this will prevent students from falling behind academically due to taking a family trip during the regular school year. There are two forms that are now to be used in order to make Pre-Planned absences excused. Links to these forms are provided on this web page.


    Attendance Matters

    • When students are absent or tardy to one or more classes an automated call is made to the parent/guardian.
    • When students have two or more unexcused absences a letter is sent home to notify parent/guardian and request their presence at a student attendance agreement meeting. At the meeting we intend to identify root causes of absences and implement a plan to support and improving attendance.
    • Students are also notified and will meet with an Administrator to discuss their attendance and make a plan for improvement.

    Please notify you student’s administrator or counselor if you or your student are seeking support regarding attendance.