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Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Jane Addams Middle School! Whether you are a parent, a family member, or a community member, the following resources will help you prepare to volunteer with our students.

SPS serves 53,000 vulnerable children and youth – we are committed to carefully screening volunteer candidates to ensure student safety as required by law, SPS policies, and the Washington Schools Risk Insurance Pool.

At SPS, the volunteer application process varies based the supervision setting of your volunteer role:

Category A Volunteer: All school and remote volunteer roles that support the school, staff or families; can include direct student contact if the volunteer is supervised. District personnel must be on site and within view if the volunteer will interact with students. Alternatively, another adult approved SPS volunteer must participate in the activity and be present at all times. Standard volunteer onboarding process applies to Category A volunteers.

Examples: remote classroom or library assistance, enrichment club, family tech support volunteer…..

Category B Volunteer: All school and remote volunteer roles that involve contact with students without staff or other approved Category A volunteers present. Additional screening is required for Category B volunteers.

Examples: math club coach, breakout room facilitator (in a virtual classroom), one-on-one tutor (including remote/virtual), mentor…..

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