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    Quick Reference for ASB Procedures

    Collecting Money

    "All money (cash, coins, checks) collected must be deposited intact into a District designated bank account within 24 hours of receipt. (RCW 43.09.240).

    NOTE: Intact means the denomination or format received is deposited as is; cash and coin received is deposited as cash and coin, similarly, checks received are the deposited as checks. If $50 in cash & $30 in checks is received, (the total of all receipts on a single day) $50 in cash and $30 in checks is deposited.

    ASB revenues are those fees collected from students and non students as a condition of attendance at any optional noncredit extracurricular events of the District, which are of a cultural, athletic, recreational or social nature (CARS). ASB revenues also include money earned from ASB activities and any other money received by an ASB for support of student body programs."

    • Money collected brought to Megan daily. Money will be counted together and Megan will deposit.
    • Our school also now uses SchoolPay through the Source, so families can pay online. Talk to Megan if you would like to set up an item on SchoolPay.

    Charitable Fundraisers

    • Complete "ASB Charitable Activity" form.
    • Must be approved by downtown BEFORE any collection starts.

    Activity Approvals

    • Complete "ASB Activity Approval and Reconciliation Form"- to be approved by club and ASB council and submit to ASB box in Main Office
    • For any event, fundraising, etc.


    • Get ASB PO from Main Office
    • Attach all receipts- receipts must be itemized and turned in within 60 days of purchase
    • Attach credit card statements for online orders

    Paying Instructors/Advisors

    • Club advisors aren't typically paid
    • If a club wants to pay an advisor or instructor who is not an SPS employee, a Personal Services Contract must be completed (the instructor will need a business license for this)