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    Posted on 11/02/2017

    1718 Skiing and Snowboarding Information



    2018 Ski Bus Registration is now open!


    Informational Meeting for Parents and Students will be Wednesday, November 14th at 7:00pm in the Jane Addams Middle School Library. If you are new to the program or are unsure if it is a good fit for your child, you are strongly encouraged to attend.


    Registration is open now with the Mohan Skiing and Boarding program here:   



    The program runs for 6 consecutive Friday nights beginning January 12th, 2018.
    Transportation and lesson packages are available for skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. 

    For more information visit the Mohan website above or contact Sara Burke at


    What dates does Ski Bus run?

    • Ski Bus will run for 6-Fridays starting January 12th   
    • If weather forces a postponement, classes will be extended until all weeks are completed.

    Where do I register?


    Are ski lift passes included in the Mohan bus or lesson packages?

    • No, lift tickets are not included. Students receive a Discount Season Pass Form via email after registering.

    Does Mohan provide gear rentals?

    • Equipment is not included. It is recommended that students rent equipment for the season.  See Mohan’s Equipment Page for information on rental from local ski shops.

     As an alternative to renting equipment in Seattle, students may purchase a Rental Season Pass from the Snoqualmie Central Ski Area (see

    The first day of ski bus, students would need to stand in line for an equipment fitting. After that, they can reserve their equipment from The Summit website up to six weeks in advance. However, remember these students would still have less ski time every week than students who bring their gear on the bus. So this option is best suited for students who have difficulty getting gear to school on Friday mornings.

    Where do I store my gear during the day?

    • Students will store their gear in the balcony above the auditorium. Gear may be checked in between 8:20and 8:40 a.m. 

    Should I label my ski/snowboarder gear?

    • Absolutely! Please label your gear! Include your name and phone number on anything and everything you have.

    Do I ride on the same bus every week?

    • Yes, students will be assigned to one bus for the entire season. 

    Can I ride on the same bus with my friends?

    • There will be a limited sign-up period for bus assignment at JAMS in early January. During this time, you can choose which bus you would like to ride on. So, yes, you can pick the same bus as your friends, as long as it isn’t full. Any students who do not sign up for a bus during the limited sign-up period will be assigned to a bus by the ski bus coordinator Ms. Burke.                                                                        

    When does the Ski Bus leave JAMS?

    • The bus will leave the Staff Parking Lot at 4:00pm.

    What do I do with my school backpack, instrument, etc.?

    • Since the school will be locked by the time we get back from the mountain, students need to take their school backpack and instruments on the bus. The bus will be monitored by our bus driver, and should be secure. Please keep in mind that buses may be very full, so please pack lightly on Fridays. We also encourage parents (if they can) to swing by the school prior to departure and grab their students’ school bag and/or instrument.

    Can I bring electronics on the bus?

    • You are welcome to bring electronics onto the bus, but please make sure that you have headphones so that you do not disturb others. Adults on your bus are allowed to confiscate these items if they are not being used appropriately.

    Is dinner provided?

    • No. Students need to bring up their own dinner, or bring money to buy dinner at the lodge. Dinner generally costs $10.00-$15.00.

    Is there a buddy system in place on the mountain?

    • It is required that students ski/snowboard with a partner or with a group. Students found to be skiing without a buddy will have to ski with a chaperone until a buddy can be located and will also be required to help clean up the bus upon return to JAMS.

    Can I leave Summit Central?

    • ABSOLUTELY NOT! Stay at Central!  Leaving Central will be cause for expulsion from the ski bus program without refund.

    What time do lessons begin?

    • Beginner lessons begin at 6:00. All other lessons start at 8:00.

    When do we load the bus to go home?

    • The bus will be open at 9:30PM, and we will be leaving at 9:45PM. All students NEED TO BE BACK TO THE BUS BY 9:45PM. Do not be late! If are late to the bus, you will be required to clean the bus upon return to JAMS at night.  

    What time will the bus get back to JAMS?

    • The Ski Bus will be returning to JAMS at approximately 11:00PM on Fridays. Students are encouraged to call parents when buses are about 20 minutes away from school.  

    Can I get kicked off of Ski Bus?

    • You sure can! Students that are unable to handle themselves in a mature and safe manner will be removed from the program. This decision is up to the discretion of the Ski Bus coordinator and the Mohan staff. You will not receive any of your payment back if you are removed from the program.

    Can my parents help out?

    • They sure can! Parent volunteers are essential to the success of this program! Volunteer positions are available both before and after school at JAMS and as emergency drivers. The can help out for just one or multiple weeks. Contact Ms. Burke at if you are interested.

    All school rules apply on Ski Bus!


    Email: with additional questions or see Ms. Burke in Room 222.