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    Semester Electives

    6th grade Physical Education (PE 6 H)- The Physical Education program provides each student with the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive program consisting of skill development, lead up games, team sports, and physical fitness activities. The students receive instruction in skills, rules and strategies associated with the different sports and games as well as learning experiences involving physical conditioning activities, and the components of fitness. The program promotes the spirit of cooperation, leadership, fair play, and friendly competition.

    6th grade Art (Visual Arts) – In this course we will experiment with a variety of materials to create a strong understanding of the basic elements of Art. Some projects will include drawing, painting, clay and collage. Students will work on both two and three-dimensional projects. Along with the projects we will also explore different artists and the style they worked in.

    6th Grade MESA (MESA 7) - Can’t get enough of Science, Engineering and Tech? This course provides engaging project-based hands-on opportunity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Applied Math designed expand your access to MESA and deepen your proficiency is the Science and Engineering practices. Try your hand at exciting projects such as the NASA Mars Community Challenge, Robotics, NOAA Shipwreck Mysteries and BOEING Glider Design. Learn more about Forensic Science, Flight Science, Architecture and Bridge Design. Have a chance to meet and work with real scientists and engineers. This class will also allow you to compete in the Seattle Public School Science Fair at the Museum of Flight.

    6th Grade Drama (Intro to Theatre Art)- This class is an introduction to dramatic arts. Emphasis will be placed on dramatic techniques and presentation. The class is structured so that students of different levels can progress at their own pace. Units of study include tableaux, clowning, monologues, and parody. This is a high energy, out-of-your-seat, creativity-based class. Everyone welcome!

    6th Grade World Language Intro- Introduction to world language will explore Spanish, French, and other world languages. During this course, students learn basic pronunciation, simple polite conversations, numbers, colors, and writing dates. In addition to these vocabulary topics, students will learn about the benefits of learning world languages, culture lessons about birthdays, countries where the language is spoken, special holidays, and several tools used in the study of world language.

    Yearlong Electives

    ORCHESTRA (ALL orchestra classes are yearlong. Placement is based on audition and/or SPS teacher recommendations.)

    Orchestra - Orchestra is for all students. Students that have never played an instrument and students that have several years of musical experience. Depending on the level of Orchestra, students will learn the basic techniques of posture, caring for the instrument and bow, position, bowing techniques, fingerings, and basic reading of rhythms and notes. The ensemble will begin learning songs in unison and progress to playing as a multi-part ensemble. Students placed in Intermediate Orchestra will benefit from further instruction in music reading and performance fundamentals with their chosen instrument. Students will perform in three concerts.

    BAND (ALL band classes are yearlong. Placement is based on audition and/or SPS teacher recommendations.)

    Band - Band is for all students. Students that have never played an instrument and students that have several years of musical experience. The band teacher will reach out to families about band placement. There will be time given to allow students to explore the instrument choices to better help them make the right decision on what they will choose for the year. Students will learn essential concepts and skills and will perform in three school concerts.

    VOCAL ENSEMBLES (Music Classes are yearlong)

    Choir is open to all Jane Addams students. Students will rehearse and perform a variety of choral music. There will be an emphasis on using solfege, sight-reading, developing aural perception (ear training), and basic music theory. While no audition is required for choir, students are expected to be highly motivated and reflect an advanced ensemble attitude.


    Heritage Spanish (all grades): This class is for Heritage Spanish speakers. Heritage learners of Spanish are students who have been exposed to Spanish in their homes or communities from a young age. As a consequence of that early exposure, they can understand and/or speak the language and have a personal connection to it. The main purpose of the Spanish for Heritage Speakers courses at JAMS is to build upon the language knowledge that students bring to the classroom and advance their proficiency of Spanish and expand their bilingual skills in multiple contexts. This class is taught exclusively in Spanish, this course is designed for heritage or native speakers only.


    Šəqačib has two objectives: Identity safety and academic achievement. Our classroom is a Native focused space that supports, encourages and pushes students to becoming confident life-long learners. Students receive extra time and support in all subject areas. The class also explores Native teachings, history, and ways of living; students are encouraged to explore their own tribal identity as well as critically analyze and discuss current issues that impact all tribes. Students who identify as American Indian, Alaskan Native, Canadian First Nations or Pacific Islander are encouraged to take the class.