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    Take the Jane Addams Middle School PTSonline survey to help your PTA delegates vote on the TOP 5 issues that are most important to your school. The issues supporting the “Health, Education & Welfare” of our students cover  a wide spectrum of policies  from school meals and closing to the gaps to pre-school, recess, SEL, teacher shortages, gun safety and more. Take the survey to find out what’s on the proposed agenda and share your priorities with your PTA, by October 5th.

    Your voice matters, please take a few moments and let us know what’s important to you and your family. 

    Questions: Contact Leg Chair Sanjay at

    Advocacy Makes a Difference

    If we ever hope to see full funding of basic education, legislators need to see and hear from us!

    The top five WSPTA legislative priorities are:

    1. Funding McCleary
    2. Create Positive SchoolClimates Through Social Emotional Learning
    3. Increasing Capital Funding
    4. Increased Access to Higher Education
    5. Breakfast After the Bell

    Thank you to those of you who participated in Olympia's Focus Day.

    Questions? Contact the JAMS PTSA legislative vice president at