JAMS Black Lives Matter Hoodies

ASB and our Leadership class are selling Jane Addams Black Lives Matter hoodies. Our student leaders wanted to do this project because they wanted to acknowledge, and honor lost lives and support a local Black mother& daughter owned business.

These hoodies are on sale for pre-order on SchoolPay: JAMS Black Lives Matter Hoodies

A note from our student leaders:

“We felt that important conversations about Black Lives Matter were missing, that students were not being included in those conversations, or that had not been mentioned in our community. So, we made something that would start the conversation with us and show our support to the movement.

We choose the Black Lives Matter hoodies because we wanted to let people know how many lives have been lost to police brutality and that racism is the reason behind it. We wanted something that gave power to the Black lives that were taken from us. was not talked about much in our school community, or in some cases aren’t talked about at all.”