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    Healthy Youth Survey — Wednesday, October 10

    Red Ribbon Week - October 15 - 19

    The JAMS Counseling team provides many services for our students and families!

    Oversee all counseling/intervention activities including, but not limited to:

    • Providing individual and group counseling around social, emotional and academic issues
    • Participating on Student Support Team (SST), 504 Committee, and Parent/Student/Teacher conferences, as needed.
    • Serving as the parent resource regarding questions about academic progress, services available, and information about child development, parenting, social and emotional development, and safety issues, including online activities.


    Counseling Team

    David Bilides (
    Head Counselor 
    8th Grade Counselor — 2018-2019

    Lisa Lucas (
    7th Grade Counselor — 2018-2019

    Rebekah Sieg (
    6th Grade Counselor — 2018-2019