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    Due to COVID-19, we are not currently accepting requests for building permits.

    Process for Permits for INSIDE groups/orgs of JAMS:

    1. Building Permits are required for meetings outside the school and contracted hours.  This does not include IEPs. Custodians need to know anytime lunchroom is going to be used after lunches but before the end of the school day so they can arrange cleaning please submit a permit request or connect directly with our Head Custodian, Mr. Meatchi.

    2. Inside persons/groups may use the permit request link found on the JAMS website to make a request for building use. (Inside groups include: ASB, Athletics, Clubs, JAMS counselors or staff holding event for JAMS students/families, etc.) Request will be put on agenda of weekly permit meeting that occurs every Monday. 

    3. Permit committee meets on Mondays to review permit submissions/requests and upcoming events that have approved permits. 

    4. JAMS approves permits in system

    5. District approves/denies permits in system

    6. Requesting party must return to the approval link on the website to see if their permit has been approved prior to their event.  Please pay attention to any notes posted regarding the permit or event.

    7. Inside groups/orgs are responsible for connecting with appropriate persons for access to their space and technology if they would like use of sound, lighting or technology in a space.  They are also responsible for putting the space back as they found it and complying with building procedures.

    Here is the link for INSIDE persons or groups to request a permit for building or facility usage:

    INSIDE Group Permit Link

    INSIDE groups Check on your permit request/approval here:

    Check Permit Requests

    Process for Permits for OUTSIDE groups/orgs:  

    Please visit the SPS website for details about the Building Rentals and permit process.  What we have are general guidelines of the process at JAMS but all district procedures must be followed.

    1. Outside groups/orgs (outside groups include: PTSA, FOJAM, 501c3, etc) must go directly to School Dude system to submit for approval (if the person or group does not have a School Dude account they must create one), no confirmation of the availability of space or date will occur prior to submission.

    2. JAMS Permit Committee meets on Mondays to discuss permit submissions/requests and upcoming events that have approved permits. 

    3. All documents must be submitted in School Dude. Committee and Admin will review application including fee waivers. Fee waiver applications are submitted separately and directly to the main office of JAMS. Please obtain the fee waiver application on the SPS website. Fee waivers are not guaranteed. JAMS will submit the approved or declined fee waiver submission to SPS for further review.

    4. District approves/denies permits in system (Can take up to 15 school days once documents have been reviewed by JAMS permit committee and admin to be approved by SPS district)

    5. Outside Org/Group must follow-up on their own submission prior to event and if there are questions regarding approval they should be directed to Eleanor Lockett:

      1. All outside groups must request custodian and heat when submitting for permit.

      2. Technology is not guaranteed (outside orgs/groups must provide their own audio/visual equipment) depending on space there may be lighting and sound but there are limitations and expectations that must be followed. **Right now there is no person that sets up technology/lighting for outside groups and Auditorium requests will not be accepted for outside groups/orgs until we have a sufficient system in place to manage the space for outside users.

    A permit is only approved and building use can only commence once it has been coded as "Activated" by the district in the School Dude system.